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Seafarer's Links & Information Center
Ventura Harbor is a major resource for commercial fishermen. Wholesale fish buyers service the unloading, processing, and distribution of some of California's finest seafood products. Ice, and fuel are available in commercial quantities. A fishermen's gear storage and net repair facility is nearby.

In the interest of promoting safe boating, as well as vessel safety; and to aid the seafarer with a source of information useful in this regard, Ventura Harbor Boatyard has collected and categorized the following list of sites:

Fuel Dock-
Coastal Marine Biolabs 
Leo Robbins Sailing Center
Bill of Rights Tall Ship
Yacht Clubs-
Yacht Brokers-
Waterfront Hotels-
Cruising Links-
Harbor Village Restaurants-
Additional Harbor Restaurants-
Harbor Cove Café
Other Links-
Jac Keo Photos
Ventura Harbor Patrol
Ventura Port District
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